Monday, May 25, 2015

Publishing and the Advancement of Science by Michael Rogers

An Excellent Introduction to Publishing Science books
The author spent over 30 years of his working life being a science editor for various publishing companies. He was the commissioning editor for popular science books as well as science textbooks.
Most of this book describes the authors’ time at Oxford University Press (OUP) but also significantly the work involved in commissioning books such as Selfish Genes by Richard Dawkins and Physical Chemistry by Peter Atkins. Both of these books have achieved enormous sales.
The book under review is not an autobiography but emphasises Rogers working life as an editor. There are some really interesting anecdotes regarding his meetings with various authors and the pressures of publishing companies.
Anyone wanting to write a textbook or popular science book should purchase this as it reveals real insight into publishing such books and how to go about such a task.

Kuldeep Singh 25Th May 2015