Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Review of The Mathematical Universe by William Dunham

This is a popular mathematics book for the layman. The author has succeeded in writing interesting articles in mathematics which are laid out alphabetically. Dunham discusses the problems and personalities in the history of mathematics. If you want a student hooked into mathematics then this the book they should read.
The technical mathematics in the book are excellently described in simple terms that the average layman can understand. Dunham really does bring mathematics to live in this book.
Initially I was reluctant to purchase a book which is mapped out in alphabetic order. However Dunham managed to make the progression from one chapter to the next seamless. Chapter 1 is on arithmetic and the last chapter called Z is on complex numbers. 
The book is very well organised and has good quality writing style – well expressed, clarity, coherence etc. Dunham has struck the right balance between writing thoroughly and for the amateur or non-professional. Illustrations are sprinkled throughout the book and the author has used these with dramatic effect.
I would recommend this book to any student or teacher of mathematic as well as for non mathematicians.
Kuldeep Singh 
1st Feb 2012