Tuesday, April 02, 2013

How to study for a Mathematics Degree by Lara Alcock

2nd April 2013
This is a book that every potential undergraduate student of mathematics should purchase. It has a very thorough description of what is involved with being an undergraduate in mathematics at university.
Alcock has succeeded in writing a relevant, interesting and beneficial account of what it is like to be a maths undergraduate. She highlights the differences between pure and applicable mathematics and what skills are needed to flourish in these. However the emphasis is on pure mathematics throughout the book.
Additionally the author does not shy away from doing some serious mathematics even though the book is written for the layman. The technical mathematics is described in simple terms that all sixth formers will understand.
The book is very well organised and has good quality writing style – well expressed, clarity, coherence etc. It is split into two – mathematics and study skills.
My only reservation is the lack of illustrations. Including these would have more of an impact but it is not a serious omission.
I would recommend this book to any student or teacher of mathematics.
Kuldeep Singh